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Your Colour, Your Logo, Your Choice!

A company logo is essentially the face of your business.  The same goes for colours - customers associate certain colours with the businesses that use them as part of their overall branding strategy.  Branding is the first step on the road to building your customer relationships.    

Allow us to give you a helping hand by providing you with the ability to add your company logo and colour to your pension transfer analysis reports.  Simply send us a logo image file, let us know your preferred colour (provide the RGB or HEX code if you know it) and we will send you a sample report with your branding.  Once you are happy with the amendments we will deploy to your live web system. 

It really is as simply as that!

To view a sample report displaying the areas where your logo and colour will appear please click HERE

Once you have decided to go ahead with branding your reports simply send us the required image and colour details via email.

This new feature is only available on our new Transvas Profiler Web system with more exclusive enhancements planned soon. 

More to follow in the coming months... 

O&M Pension Solutions