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NEW! Breakeven & Crossover Analysis

Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail” - Leonardo Da Vinci.

Indeed, those who read our article TVC – Not Just a Pretty Picture published in March this year will remember that we view the level of detail required to underpin a TVC worth its salt as critical.  As our article infers, creating an accurate report is akin to an artist creating a masterpiece.  The end result is a reflection of the quality of information that has been used in its construction. 

The same approach applies to the level of detail available within the report body.  Every single aspect of a pension transfer analysis report must help to provide the adviser with a full view of their client’s DB benefits and transfer options.  Each section of text, every graph and chart has to be there for a reason - there is no room for throwaway information.   

It is this philosophy that drives us here at O&M Pension Solutions.  When we add new features to our software and services there must be a definitive practical reason for doing so.  Our pension transfer analysis report reflects this approach – it provides good solid information in an easily digestible format. 


Whilst our pension transfer analysis report was already pretty extensive, we felt that our customers would benefit from the inclusion of further practical analysis, one that would allow them to compare and contrast the choice of taking the DB Scheme pension at Normal Retirement Age (NRA) against the DB Scheme pension or an Annuity at an alternative retirement age such as Early (ERA) or Late Retirement (LRA), with or without taking an initial cash lump sum. 

Step forward the innovatively named Breakeven and Crossover Analysis section, now available for all Transfer Bureau and Transvas Profiler Web customers.


You will no doubt be familiar with the concept of Breakeven and Crossover analysis, it is nothing new.  What we have tried to do is provide you with an easily digestible set of charts designed to make your task of explaining this vital issue to your clients much easier. 

Our charts give you the tools to demonstrate the impact of taking a scheme pension with or without a cash lump sum at an ERA, or taking an Annuity at that age, in comparison to waiting until the scheme NRA to retire.  It answers an important question:

 “If I retire early (either in the scheme or via an annuity), what impact will it have on my long-term income compared to me waiting for my scheme pension at Normal Retirement Age.”

It is an issue all potential retirees should be aware of and we are happy to provide our customers with a helping hand in starting this conversation with their clients.

To view a sample report with the new analysis included CLICK HERE.

We feel that this new addition to our pension transfer analysis report adds further weight to our belief that it is the most comprehensive on the market.  From detailed Drawdown Cashflow analysis, to the new Breakeven and Crossover feature, our report makes life easier for advisers in the production of their client’s APTA.


The O&M Pension Solutions pension transfer analysis report including Breakeven and Crossover analysis is available now to all Transfer Bureau and Transvas Profiler Web customers.    

Existing Transvas Profiler Desktop customers will need to convert to our Web system to benefit from this new feature.

For more information about converting to Transvas Profiler Web or indeed if you are a potential new customer and would like to know more about how we can help you please Contact Us.

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