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Introducing - FinCalc


From Monday 6th April 2020 our O&M Transvas Profiler software will be the first module available within a yet to be launched suite of cloud based financial planning tools branded as FinCalc. 

FinCalc is a concept devised and powered by us here at O&M Pension Solutions and is aimed at financial advisory firms who are looking to lighten the load when it comes to planning their client's financial futures.  From Cashflow Modelling and Financial Calculators to integrated TVC analysis, FinCalc will provide vital assistance in making your client conversations more streamlined.  Underpinned by our many decades of experience in the pensions industry, we aim to make FinCalc the 'go to' in financial planning software.


Initially only the Transvas module will be accessible on the FinCalc application and it will be available to our current Transvas Profiler Web users and new customers.  We aim to make the Cashflow module 'live' pretty soon and we will reveal more details - such as features and costs - in the very near future.    

To find out more about the FinCalc suite and for a sneak peek of our Cashflow module, please visit

O&M Pension Solutions