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FinCalc - The Future of Cashflow Modelling

Simple But Powerful Financial Planning - Now Available To You!

It gives us great pride to announce the full launch of our new financial planning suite branded as FinCalc. 

FinCalc was soft launched in April this year, as a single module entity, with the introduction of Transvas - the Defined Benefit Transfer Value Analysis/TVC report production engine.  Now, after many months of development, we are delighted to announce the launch of our simple but powerful Cashflow module.

Cashflow Modelling Made Easy

As our headline suggests, the FinCalc concept is about bringing you simple solutions to help you plan your client's finances.  Our new Cashflow module provides you with a feature packed system that can replicate virtually any financial planning scenario you may encounter.  From creating multiple scenarios, factoring in life events to stress testing, FinCalc Cashflow provides you with the detail and flexibility you need to perfectly illustrate your clients' financial futures. 

Intuitive Inputs, Clever Calcs, Useful Advisories

Our FinCalc suite has been developed with the user in mind! This theme continues with our Cashflow module with intuitive inputs taking you from start to finish with little fuss. To help further assist with the creation of your cashflow model we have programmed in additional advisory texts which highlight potential issues that your clients may encounter. 

Additionally, unlike some other cashflow systems available, all of our calculations are made on a monthly basis.  This granular approach ensures complete control, and accuracy, when factoring in changes that occur during any 12 month period.  FinCalc Cashflow also allows for individual client and spouse income tax calculations. 

We have even provided a Client Portal that will allow your clients to enter their own details into the Cashflow module, saving you time in preparing your client's report.

Client Friendly Reports

No matter how detailed the features or intuitive a cashflow modelling system is to use, it will ultimately be measured by the quality of its output.  Don't worry we have this covered as all FinCalc reports use clear graphs and charts supported by concise text, making them extremely client friendly.  Our reports have been designed to make the task of explaining the options open to your clients as uncomplicated as possible.

How To Find Out More 

Please visit our FinCalc website where you will find our dedicated Cashflow webpage where you will find details of what FinCalc Cashflow provides, including a brief Introductory Video and Product Brochure.  It doesn't stop there as we also provide free trial systems and demo webinars that will help you decide how our Cashflow module will enhance your financial planning processes.  We are sure that you will be impressed with what you see.

As always we are at hand to answer any queries you may have so please feel free to contact our Sales team to find out more.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards

Your O&M FinCalc Team