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Transvas Profiler & Transfer Bureau - Webinar Training

Webinar Training

We offer a range of online webinar training sessions to suit new and existing customers


New Users

Transvas Profiler Starter Webinar

A 3 part starter session designed to help new Transvas Profiler users get started with using the system. 

Whilst this session is broken down into 3 x 40 minute sections they are all run on the same day with a short break in between each.

Session 1:

Navigating the system

  • Scheme Library and Cases (the benefits of having a separate scheme library)
  • The 2 golden rules of the system
  • Toolbar menu
  • Dealing with your first case

Setting up scheme records

  • Scheme Information
  • Retirement Ages
  • Cash by Commutation
  • Death Benefit
  • Adding Notes
  • Discretionary Increases
  • Scheme Administrator

Session 2:

Retirement Benefits (Basic Pension Slices)

  • Setting up a slice
  • Revaluation
  • Escalation

Setting up client records

  • Personal Information
  • Retirement Ages
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Transfer Value
  • Inputting member’s pension benefits
  • Pension Providers (Basic Overview)

Session 3:

Brief overview of non-client reports

  • Validation Report
  • Pension Breakdown Report (system assumptions vs Scheme basis)
  • Critical Yield Report

Schedule (Showing the start times of Sessions 1, 2 and 3 respectively):

  • Tuesday 19 November - 1pm/2pm/3pm
  • Wednesday 4 December - 10am/11am/12pm
  • Thursday 16 January 2020 - 10am/11am/12pm

Session Content Summary: Download HERE

Existing Customers

Webinars For Profiler & Bureau Users

Whilst these sessions are based upon using our Transvas Profiler software, users of Transfer Bureau should still find the content of interest 

Content:  Within this session we explore the various client facing reports produced by our Transvas Profiler software.  We provide an insight of the full Pension Transfer Analysis report including a review of the following elements :

  • Cashflow Modelling 
  • Pension Protection Fund 
  • Transfer Value Comparator 

Session Length: 60 mins


  • Tuesday 17 December - 2pm

Session Content Summary: Download HERE


Content:  This 2 part webinar focuses on the issues that require consideration regarding normal, early and late retirement plus the impact different NRAs have on equalisation.  The session is structured as follows:

Normal/Early/Late Retirement

  • What do the scheme class as NRA (impact on TVC)
  • Scheme treatment of early retirement
  • Scheme treatment of late retirement
  • Inputting Retirement Factors
  • Revaluation to retirement (Early)
  • Revaluation/Escalation to retirement (Late)

Equalisation/Different NRAs

  • Basic overview of equalisation
  • Scheme treatment of benefits for equalisation
  • Change of Scheme NRA/multiple NRAs
  • Inputting in Transvas Profiler (using Slice NRA)
  • GMP Equalisation – latest news

Session Length: 45 mins


  • Thursday 9 January 2020 - 10am

Session Content Summary: Download HERE

Content:  This brief session is designed to aid your understanding of the PCLS within the Pension Transfer Analysis report and related considerations.  Specifically we address the following:

  • Scheme calculation basis
  • HMRC Maximum (A Day calculation)
  • Protected Cash @ A Day
  • Commutation factors and impact on HMRC maximum
  • Weighted commutation factor
  • Scheme cash in addition to pension (slices)

Session Length: 30 mins


  • Tuesday 21 January 2020 - 2pm

Session Content Summary: Download HERE

Content:  The evaluation of Death Benefits is an integral part of pension transfer advice - we have therefore created a webinar session that focuses solely on this area!  An outline of what is covered is as follows:

  • Death in deferment lump sums
  • Scheme definition of spouse (including common law/same sex partner)
  • Spouse’s pension on death before retirement
  • Death benefit options in Transvas Profiler
  • Guarantee Periods
  • Spouse’s pension on death after retirement (pre/post commutation)
  • Slice specific spouse’s pensions

Session Length: 30 mins


  • Monday 10 February 2020  - 2pm

Session Content Summary: Download HERE

Content:  It is essential that the Pension Transfer Analysis report is underpinned by accurate data - ensuring that the proposed destination product and fund charges are precisely reflected in the report forms no small part of this.  This session will cover all you need to know from inputting accurate product information on Transvas Profiler to guidance on how to complete the Transfer Bureau Product Provider form.  The session is structured as follows:

  • Predesigned Products
  • Adviser Charges
  • Inputting Product Details (bespoke/generic)
  • Platform/Product charges
  • Investment/Fund charges
  • Section 32 Products
  • Product Provider Form (Transfer Bureau customers)

Session Length: 20 mins


  • Thursday 21 November  - 10am

Session Content Summary: Download HERE

Content:  This webinar explores the complications and issues that arise when dealing with GMP Bridging and Franking.  The session is designed to help you identify potential anomalies that require clarification from the scheme administrators and covers the following:

GMP Bridge slices

  • What is a GMP Bridge (notional GMP)?
  • Scheme questions/responses
  • Inputting in Transvas Profiler
  • Creating a slice vs Default Slice vs Autopopulated


  • Redistribution of benefits at GMP Age
  • GMP Age vs State Pension Age
  • Scheme questions/responses
  • Inputting in Transvas Profiler

Session Length: 40 mins


  • Wednesday 27 November - 2pm

Session Content Summary: Download HERE

Content:  Many clients have DB pensions that include transferred-in benefits from previous arrangements.  This session will not only show you how to input these benefits into Transvas Profiler but also provide guidance regarding issues to look out for including interpreting the information provided by the scheme administrators.

  • What to ask the scheme
  • Interpreting the scheme’s responses
  • Inputting in the System
  • Interaction with main scheme benefits

Session Length: 30 mins


  • Monday 2 December - 2pm

Session Content Summary: Download HERE

Content:  An advanced webinar which provides comment and information regarding various member benefit complications:

  • State Pension Deductions (options for Transvas Profiler inputs)
  • Temporary Pensions (Pension Start and End Points)
  • Pension Debit/Credit 
  • Slice Exclusion (benefits only paid on retirement at specific ages)

Session Length: 60 mins


  • Thursday 12 December - 10am

Session Content Summary: Download HERE


Content:  Providing an insight and understanding of the various Non-Final Salary Schemes that may apply to a member's DB benefits and their relationship with Safeguarded Benefits.  We look at the following areas to help aid understanding for all and also to provide Transvas Profiler customers with a guide to inputting the details onto the system:

  • Deferred Annuity Schemes
  • Defined Contribution Schemes with Defined Benefit Underpins
  • Cash Balance Schemes

Session Length: 40 mins


  • Thursday February 6 2020 - 2pm

Session Content Summary: Download HERE





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