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  • Transfer Value Comparator - APTA ready PS18/6 compliant TVC report included as standard
  • Cloud Based - The flexibility to access anytime, anywhere (web/data connection required)
  • Client Database - Client data is saved for future use; convenient for re-runs
  • Scheme Library - Build up your own library of pension schemes. This is essential when dealing with scheme wind-ups or bulk transfers
  • Bespoke Charges - Select the product, fund and adviser charge that’s right for your client
  • Information Validation - Over 500 checks are made for missing and inconsistent data
  • Graphical Report - Graphs in conjunction with supportive texts are used extensively in the report to explain key issues
  • Report Branding - Add your logo and company colour scheme to your reports.  Click HERE to find out more
  • 'Live' Support - Our experienced Support Team staff are on hand to answer both your technical and user queries
  • User Training - Extensive package of Face to Face and Webinar training sessions available to all users


  • Comprehensive Report - Benefit from a feature packed pension transfer analysis report - including TVC, Critical Yield, Pension Freedoms and PPF analysis
  • More Control - You manage the report production from start to finish giving you more control to get the report completed before the CETV deadline
  • More Flexibility - Transvas Profiler will provide you with a summary of missing information, broken down into what is absolutely necessary to retrieve and what information we advise you to retrieve.  This provides you with the option to use assumptions for missing information if appropriate
  • Data Security - Your client sensitive information is stored securely using UK based Microsoft Azure data centres and compliant with GDPR data security requirements.  Information is fully encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Our Expertise - O&M has been heavily involved in the financial services industry for over two decades.  Our Transvas Profiler system has been continuously developed and updated since its inception in 1993 as one of the first TVAS systems and reflects our vast knowledge in the occupational pension transfer market.  As such, the checks and balances our system makes on the data that you input ensures that your report is underpinned by valid, accurate information



  • £250 initial fee 
  • Systems available from £95 per month
  • All prices ex VAT


  • 01206 805405