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Defined Benefit Advice Service

O&M and Origen's Strategic Partnership

Due to the challenging market conditions, with regular intervention by the FCA and the rapidly rising cost of professional indemnity insurance, most advisers have chosen to stop offering Defined Benefit (DB) advice.

This is where the strategic partnership between O&M Pension Solutions and Origen’s DB Advice Service can help you.

Immediate Availability

Origen is working in partnership with O&M Pension Solutions to support your clients and currently has capacity to start work on new cases immediately.

Why should I use Origen's DB Advice Service?

  • Origen has a great wealth of experience providing advice on final salary pension schemes. They were one of the authors of the Pension Transfer Gold Standard and their advice process is built on their experience of providing DB advice to over 22,000 scheme members in the last five years.
  • Origen is one of the UK’s leading national financial advisers, with a history of providing advice for over 130 years. They are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and have received numerous awards including Retirement Planning Advisory Firm of the Year for the last 10 consecutive years.
  • Origen will provide a due diligence document to evidence their service quality and governance.
  • Origen has Professional Indemnity Insurance in place which is reviewed annually.
  • Origen will only advise on the DB transfer advice. On completion of their advice the client will be handed back to you for ongoing advice and servicing.
  • Origen uses O&M’s pension transfer bureau expertise for the production of TVCs and Pension Transfer Analysis reports under this service.

If you are interested in this service, please contact Origen using the details on the right.

How Origen's Service helps you and your clients:

  • New advice firms can be onboarded within five working days.
  • Your clients can be referred to us by sending a simple encrypted referral introduction form.
  • Our Client Services team will arrange the appointment and send the pre-appointment materials in advance of the meeting.
  • A dedicated Pension Transfer Specialist and Relationship Manager local to your firm and office will keep you updated as each case progresses.
  • We offer to facilitate insistent client requests as part of this service.
  • We set resource aside for each firm on a best endeavour basis to ensure that we can deliver our advice within the 90 day CETV window.
  • We aim to deliver our advice within two weeks of the CETV expiry date to ensure your clients have sufficient time to make an informed decision.
  • We do not take ownership of your clients at any point during the transfer advice process.
  • Weekly or monthly MI is provided with case progress for complete transparency.
  • Origen is 100% owned by Aegon UK plc, providing reassurance and financial support for the long term.
  • Our PI cover is in place and meets all regulatory requirements.

Contact Origen

*Calls are charged at your phone company’s basic rate. All calls are recorded for business purposes.

Anything else I should know?

How quickly could Origen accept referrals from my firm?

There is a DD and contract process that aims to have firms onboarded within two weeks.

What are the service levels?

Service levels are not guaranteed as this depends on a number of factors beyond both Origen’s and O&M’s control.

An estimated timeframe is 10 weeks for Origen to complete the full advice process (abridged and full advice).

O&M will start work on the transfer analysis in line with their service levels, once the case has been received from Origen.

You can view the service levels for O&M’s Transfer Bureau service here.

Are there any limitations?

The referral service on offer is limited to DB pension benefits only.

Will I be kept up to date?

Once Origen has agreed to work with an adviser firm, they will allocate a Relationship Manager who can be contacted to discuss any questions. Regular updates will also be provided to the referring adviser on each client. 

Can I contact O&M?

Origen is responsible for the advice process and will request O&M Pension Solutions to produce the Pension Transfer Analysis Report. Please refer any queries directly to Origen, who will be able to address your questions during this process.

Origen will not discuss the client, Origen analysis or their recommendation with you. Origen is responsible for the provision of the advice service to the client.

What happens when the transfer process completes?

Origen is not offering any ongoing advice to clients who use this service; these will remain your clients.

Why are O&M recommending Origen?

Since pulling out of the DB advice market in 2018, we are still constantly asked by advisers to recommend or introduce them to a firm who can assist their clients in this specialised advice area.

O&M have been working with Origen for a number of years and have great confidence in the quality of their advice.

O&M does NOT earn any fees for any referrals or introductions to Origen under this service. We are likely however to be involved in the production of the TVC/Pension Transfer Analysis report for such cases and charge Origen for this service, at the same rate as all other O&M customers.