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Transfer Bureau

Service Features

  • Transfer Value Comparator – APTA ready PS18/6 compliant TVC report included as standard

  • Comprehensive Report – Benefit from a feature packed pension transfer analysis report – including TVC, Critical Yield, Pension Freedoms and PPF analysis

  • Time Saving – Let us take the strain! We manage the data review and gathering process.  You simply download the report from our website once completed

  • Cashflow Modeller Integration – Ability to connect with FinCalc Cashflow Modeller, pulling through your client’s DB pension data & allowing you to give them a full analysis of their retirement options. Click here for further information

  • Technical Analysis – We provide in-depth analysis of the scheme and member data on file, contacting the Scheme Administrators to clarify any anomalies, requesting further information where necessary

  • Case Management – Our dedicated client services team manage the data retrieval process with regular calls to the Scheme Administrators

  • Track Your Case – Keep up to speed with your case progress via our Track Your Cases web portal.  Download your report and supporting data that we have gathered upon completion

  • Copies of Scheme Information Requests – If we need to contact the scheme on more than one occasion we will copy you in to our further emails.  This ensures that you are aware of the nature of our additional queries

  • Final Validity Check – Your report is checked by one of our Senior Analysts prior to dispatch.  This ensures all possible anomalies have been addressed, providing you with further assurance of the report accuracy

  • Retrospective Reports – request reports that can be backdated as far as 1st May 2012. These reports will be using the FSA/FCA rules and assumptions in force at the time and the report will be dated accordingly. O&M’s extensive library of scheme data and in-house scheme knowledge may be able to fill any information gaps for these reports (additional costs apply)

Service Options

Ad hoc
  • £400 per report
  • £15 p.m. retainer fee
  • Re-runs charged from £40 (available within 3 months of initial report production)
  • All prices ex VAT

Registration Pack

Case submission form

Guidance notes

  • 'One off' report service for those who do not wish to commit to a Retainer Fee
  • Perfect for low volume customers or for those wishing to trial our Transfer Bureau service
  • £550 plus VAT per report
  • Re-runs charged from £75 plus VAT (available within 3 months of initial report production)
  • Where more than 1 report is required per year it is more cost effective to subscribe to Transfer Bureau

Ad Hoc submission form

Guidance notes

Service Levels

Task Normal Service Level Current Service Level
Initial logging of case 1 working day 0 to 1 working day
Initial scheme information review 4 working days 1 to 2 working days
Further scheme information review 2 working days 1 to 2 working days
Final review by senior analyst 1 working day 0 to 1 working day

Please bear in mind that the service levels are not contractual, they are targets that we aim to achieve

Bulk Transfer Bureau

A dedicated service which provides Pension Transfer Analysis data for large numbers of members

  • The solution for those who require a large number of reports ranging from fifty to tens of thousands

  • Perfect for ETV exercises and all member rationalisation projects

  • Each project can be tailored to your specific requirements
  • A specialised team of experienced Pension Transfer Analysts program the member and scheme data into a secure version of O&M’s Transvas Profiler software

  • Each member of the team has an in-depth knowledge of the pension transfer industry and the Transvas Profiler software

Bulk Transfer Bureau has its own specific terms and costs. Please Contact Us to find out more.